On the Tee Vees
Interior Therapy, the episode with the ManChild who owns the cool/creepy robot.

Oh, Manchildren.

Something about seeing noncommittal dudes like that in action immediately conjures my inner Ms. Barch from Daria, the seething teacher never without an ax to grind who would go on these long, entertaining tirades about how all men are pigs.

"You tell his foppish, twee bow-tie wearing, nervous giggling, namby-pamby lilly white ManChild ass to ring it up or you are OUT OF THERE, Cookie, and you’re breaking his pervy robot on your way out!" my inner Ms. Barch may have yelled at the poor yoga instructor.

But I mean, if we’re to subdue Ms. Barch for a moment in the name of fairness, who WAS more infuriating in this episode? ManChild for not unpacking his baggage in the name of getting to wake up to a seemingly reasonable, totally banging YOGA INSTRUCTOR, oh my Lord did you see her in those little shorts, every morning, or the yoga instructor for taking his shit for so long? That line “you get what you put up with” springs to mind and is unfortunately applicable to so many relationships, on the tee vees and off…you know what, wait, nope, still blaming him.

Anyway, I hope she’s long broken up with him by now, bullet dodged, his fridge was abominable etc. But confession, I totally want that creepy robot.